The Galapagos islands are getting serious about overtourism by multiplying their entrance charge

The changes will come into force in August. The Galapagos Islands is doubling its entry fee for tourists. From August 2024, guests from most nations will be expected to pay $200 (€184), up from $100 (€92) as of now. The Ecuadorian archipelago is the most recent to get serious about over-tourism with a climb in traveler charge. It is trusted that the higher charge will deter a few guests and diminish tension on the natural life-rich objective.

Who will have to pay extra to visit the Galapagos Islands?

Guests from all far off nations will confront higher charges to enter the Galapagos Islands – however some will pay short of what others.

Travelers from Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay will see charges ascend from $50 (€46) to $100. Ecuadorian nationals will before long need to pay $30 (€27.50) – a critical increment on the current $6 (€5.50).

Any remaining identities should pay the new $200 expense – an oddball charge that covers the whole of their 60-day sans visa stay.

The expense for youngsters under 12 years of age will ascend from $50 to $100, while babies under two years of age won’t be charged.

It will be whenever the expenses first have been raised starting around 1998.

The Galapagos Islands are doubling their entry fee for tourists.Canva

Why are entry fees for the Galapagos Islands increasing?

The expenses are expanding to assist with raising more assets for protection, foundation and the local area, as per the Galapagos Preservation Trust (GCT).

It is trusted the cash will assist with supporting the islands’ novel untamed life, as well as the travel industry that relies upon it.

A sharp ascent in vacationers to the Galapagos lately is coming down on water and food assets, alongside squander the executives.

In 2022, very nearly 268,000 vacationers visited the archipelago – near the pre-pandemic degrees of 2019 and a consistent increment from the 180,800 of every 2012 and 215,700 out of 2014.

It is likewise expected that the ascent in unfamiliar guests builds the gamble of obtrusive species being acquainted with the islands and upsetting their fragile biological system.

“The Galapagos Islands are an irreplaceable asset as well as a worldwide one,” Niels Olsen, Ecuador’s Priest of The travel industry, said in an explanation imparted to GCT. “It is our aggregate liability to safeguard and protect this unmatched biological system for people in the future.”

The islands have a delicate ecosystem.
The islands have a delicate ecosystem.Canva

How else is Galapagos protecting itself from overtourism?

Traversing very nearly 8,000 square kilometers across 19 principal islands – four of which are occupied – Galapagos is an UNESCO World Legacy Site and Ecuador’s most memorable public park. The nation has announced 97% of the islands’ region as safeguarded.

Galapagos is home to almost 9,000 species, a large number of them endemic – including the Galapagos turtle, marine iguana and flightless cormorant.

In 2016 and 2017, measures were taken to guarantee the travel industry stays maintainable, including putting a ban on development of new the travel industry projects, which is still set up.

Visit administrators in Galapagos are additionally learning regenerative the travel industry strategies to guarantee their organizations can endure into what’s to come.

A breaking point on the quantity of flights, laid out in 2012, likewise remains.

Most guests arrive at the islands via air from central area Ecuador, with non-stop departures from Guayaquil and Quito. On the other hand, it requires about three days to arrive at the archipelago via freight boat from Guayaquil.

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